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Our Story


Did you know that Evolve Handcrafted Soap Company is the only Nurse Practitioner owned soap company in the Capital Region?

Evolve Handcrafted Soap Company is a woman and Nurse Practitioner owned small business located in  New York State.  We are passionate about creating high quality soaps made in small batches with all organic vegetable oils and butters.  We also source locally whenever possible and incorporate locally crafted beer, goat's milk, honey, fruits and vegetables into our soaps.  Each of our soaps are individually hand-poured and hand-cut and cure for a minimum of two weeks so they will last longer in the shower. We use the finest quality natural essential oils, skin-safe fragrances, and natural additives to our soaps. You won't find any detergents, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, pesticides, or any other potentially harmful ingredients in any of our products.  We also strive to be environmentally friendly and utilize natural materials and biodegradable packaging for our products.

Evolve Handcrafted Soap Company was founded by Jill Sullivan-Keating, a nurse practitioner by profession, with a strong interest in holistic health and organic and natural products.  Being a healthcare provider led Jill to always exploring healthier foods and products for herself, her family, and her patients.  In addition to trying to eliminate pesticide residue from her diet by eating organic fruits and vegetables, Jill started researching ingredients in soap, bath, and body products found in the local stores. She was pretty surprised by what she saw.  Most of the commercial soaps and bath products contain lots of chemicals, detergents, and pesticide residue.

So, Jill started taking soap-making classes and doing a great deal of reading and research.  She started making a variety of soaps using various oils and butters.  She gave out her soaps to many friends, family members, and coworkers and received rave reviews.  Then, she began the process of formulating her own unique soap recipe composed of the finest all-natural, certified organic vegetable oils and butters.  She incorporated the highest quality essential oils and skin-safe fragrances into her recipe along with locally sourced ingredients to help support other small local businesses.  Jill is also a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild and continues to attend classes and conferences to further enhance her knowledge of creating high quality organic bath and body products.

And so, that's how Evolve Handcrafted Soap Company began... And we continue to Evolve...

It's a company that puts quality above all else!

We don't skimp on "the good stuff" in our soaps and we want you to love our soaps as much as we do!

We are very passionate about soap-making, healthy lifestyle, and the environment...

You care about what you put inside your body, shouldn't you care about what you put ON it??

The skin is the largest organ in the human body...Treat it right and it will take care of you and protect you...

So...Take your soap to the next level and EVOLVE!!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!