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About Our Products

You care about what you put IN your body, shouldn't you care about what you put ON it? 

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so shouldn't you be concerned about what you're putting on it?

Soaps that have non-organic oils and butters can have pesticide residues in them.  Soaps that are made from animal fats like lard (pig fat) or tallow (beef fat) can have pesticide and antibiotic residues in them.

Our soaps are made in small batches, handcrafted, and hand sliced.  There are individual variations in each bar of soap so that no two bars are exactly alike.  Our soaps are made of the finest, high-quality ingredients, that includes our unique base recipe of all natural, certified organic, vegetable oils and butters. We use the finest quality essential oils and skin safe fragrances in our soaps. We also source locally whenever possible and incorporate organic fruits and vegetables into our soaps.  We are environmentally conscious and even our packaging is biodegradable.  All of our soaps have been tested by us and our friends and family members. 

What our soaps do not have:  phthalates, parabens, or other ingredients that you can't pronounce.  None of our soaps have been tested on animals.

We hope you love our soaps as much as we love making them and using them ourselves!

So....what are you waiting for?  Take your soap to the next level and Evolve!




  • I just purchased several different varieties of these soaps as Christmas gifts. We especially loved the stout versions with citrus scents and the almond with goat’s milk. They arrived quickly and were even better than I’d hoped. These soaps smell wonderful, feel good on your hands & body when you use them, and make perfect gifts for our teachers and family members. I will definitely be buying from Evolve again. Thank you!

    Maria K
  • I suffer from hand eczema and since using your Cucumber Aloe Soap, I’ve had significant improvements with my skin. Thank you so much for this great product!

    Sheila G
  • I have been using Evolve’s Cool Cucumber/Aloe Soap, exclusively for about 3 weeks. The transformation is amazing. I noticed that my skin is softer, does not have that “Winter Dry” look and feel, and I don’t need to use lotion.

    The most amazing change is that for years, I have been plagued with cracks around my fingernails. This condition used to start in October or when the temperature outside dipped below 40 degrees. It was painful and annoying. Those cracks are gone since using the Cool Cucumber/Aloe Soap.

    One of the changes I made was to use the Cool Cucumber/Aloe Soap at every sink and in the shower. I excluded using all other soaps including liquid soaps.

    Thank you Evolve! You solved a rather painful problem.


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