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New products coming soon!

We have several new products coming soon!  We are currently working on a line of body scrubs and the first one to be released will be our luxurious Coconut Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub.  This scrub has amazing exfoliating and moisturizing properties!  As you'd expect from one of our Evolve products, it's made with the finest quality, organic ingredients including two different types of sugar, Matcha Green Tea, organic coconut and safflower oils, and a refreshing blend of essential oils.  It will be available in both 4 oz and 8 oz jars.

We will also be selling foaming liquid soap made with all natural, all organic vegetable oils and a fragrant blend of the finest quality essential oils.

Lastly, we will be selling a unique variety of bath bombs and shower steamers.  These are wonderful products that add various relaxing, refreshing, and energizing fragrances to your bath or shower from a fragrant blend of essential oils.

So look for these new products in the near future on our website, at the farmers markets, and at our booth in Artique in Clifton Park.




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