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New Products Coming Soon!

Well, here at our Evolve studio we've been very hard at work creating and handcrafting new products!

Check out some of our new products we are currently working on:

Mucho Matcha Green Tea Soap - made with anti-oxidant rich organic Matcha green tea and our unique blend of organic vegetable oils and butters.  This is a vegan soap and has a fresh, calming fragrance.

Adirondack Collection of Skin, Fabric, & Air Freshening Spray - 

"Saranac Sunflower" has an amazing, bright fragrance that is reminiscent of a field of mountain flowers.

"Lavender Fields" has a fantastic, relaxing fragrance with hints of fresh lavender and chamomile.

We've had many requests for shampoo and conditioner bars, so we are working on developing a line of these wonderful, environmentally friendly products!

We are also working on developing a line of shaving soaps and handy, portable shaving for these in the future online, at our markets, and with our retail partners!

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  • I love your website your products are so fabulous and beautiful I cannot wait to try more! I just referred my work supervisor to your website as she lives in Albany!

    Wendy giordano

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